SC-20 Hydraulic Bearing Puller-Basic Kit

SC-20 Hydraulic Bearing Puller-Basic Kit

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Easy-Fast-Safe, these patented pullers are the best on the market for ease of use, quick removal, and best of all safe due to completely enclosing the bearing! Use by top shops, reman facilities, and labs throughout the U.S. 3 week lead time.

Basic kit comes with your choice of 1 carrier collet & 1 pinion collet.
3 week lead time with order.

Experience Unmatched Power with Our Advanced Hydraulic Bearing Puller

Discover a wide range of various hydraulic pullers in multiple sizes, capacities, and styles. Now you can easily tackle even the toughest bearing removal tasks using our premium range of hydraulic bearing pullers. Smart Collet pullers (MP Tools LLC) offer an extensive selection of heavy-duty hydraulic bearing pullers, including pinion bearing pullers, hydraulic bearing puller kits, and hydraulic pullers with up to 30-ton capacity.

Enhance your toolset with our high-quality products and experience the unparalleled power, precision, safety, and durability that only Smart Collets (MP Tools LLC) can provide.

These hydraulic bearing pullers, also known as bearing pullers and wheel bearing pullers, provide a simple solution for removing shaft-mounted or preseed in items such as bearings, gears, & bushings while eliminating time-consuming and dangerous hammering, heating, or prying. The use of controlled hydraulic power reduces damage to parts.

What is a Hydraulic Bearing Puller?

These hydraulic pullers, also known as bearing pullers provide a simple solution for removing shaft-mounted or pressed in items such as bearings & bushings while eliminating time-consuming and dangerous hammering, heating, or prying. The use of controlled hydraulic power reduces damage to parts while providing self aligning tooling that eliminates undue friction providing a method of pulling the component with minumim friction.

Hydraulic bearing pullers are available in various sizes and capacities, ensuring a perfect fit for various bearing removal tasks.

Uses of Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Bearing Pullers

Heavy-duty hydraulic bearing pullers are indispensable tools for various industries and applications. Some common uses include:

Automotive & Heavy Equipment Maintenance

- Hydraulic bearing pullers are perfect for removing and replacing large, stubborn bearings in vehicles and heavy machinery.

Industrial Manufacturing

- In manufacturing, hydraulic bearing pullers are essential for maintaining production equipment and ensuring smooth operations.

Marine and Aerospace

- Hydraulic bearing pullers are crucial for servicing marine engines, transmissions, aircraft components, and other heavy-duty equipment that require precision and power.

Smart-Collet pullers come in industry standard sizes or custom and one-off special applicaiton sizes of mechanical and hydraulic pullers in internal & external applications. Our pullers have standard capacities ranging from 5 to 50 tons and covering most all auto & commercial trucking axles, differentials, & transmissions.

Our Smart-Collet pullers are designed to provide the precise pulling solution that your application requires. Our pullers provide a safe and efficient solution, whether your project is simple or complex, requiring a proven and reliable method for your all of your bearing & bushing maintenance needs

Design Attributes:

-Small design: The integrated hydraulic pump and puller save space. -

-Multi-purpose: Pulls a wide range of press-fit parts such as bearings, gears, & bushings.

-Ready-to-use, integrated hydraulic puller kits provide the cylinder, pump, and puller

-no assembly required and no separate parts to purchase.-

The hydraulic ram allows easy centering of the puller on the shaft without damaging it.

- Extension pieces may be purchase as need for the manual puller kits.

What Includes in Our Hydraulic Bearing Puller Kit?

(MP Tools LLC) takes pride in offering comprehensive hydraulic bearing puller kits designed to cater to a wide range of applications and user requirements. Our kits include essential tools and components for hassle-free and efficient bearing removal. Our hydraulic bearing puller kit includes the following:

Hydraulic Puller

The main component of the kit, our hydraulic puller features a robust design and high-quality construction to deliver powerful and consistent force for efficient bearing removal.

Various Puller Kits:

Our hydraulic bearing puller kits have multiple collets in different sizes and styles, allowing for versatility in tackling various bearing & bushing maintenance applications.

Hydraulic Pump & Hose:

Our hydraulic bearing puller kit features a high-quality pump, ram, and hose, ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of hydraulic force.

Pressure Gauge:

A pressure gauge is included to monitor the hydraulic pressure applied during the bearing removal process, providing precise control and ensuring safe operation.

Storage Case:

Our hydraulic bearing puller kits may be ordered with a durable, organized storage case, making it easy to transport and store your tools when not in use.

User Manual:

To ensure proper usage and safety, our hydraulic bearing puller kit includes a detailed set-up and instruction sheet with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips for a successful bearing/bushing removal process.

Why Buy Smart-Collet tooling from (MP Tools LLC)?

When you choose a Smart-Collet tool from (MP Tools LLC) for your bearing puller needs, you're investing in top-quality products backed by exceptional customer service. Here's why our Smart-Collets pullers (MP Tools LLC) should be your go-to choice for hydraulic bearing pullers:

Premium Quality

Our hydraulic bearing pullers are designed & manufactured in the USA using high-grade materials and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring durability, power, safety, and long-lasting performance.

Wide Range of Products

We offer a comprehensive selection of hydraulic bearing pullers, including pinion bearing, carrier bearing, transmission, & transaxle bearing & bushing pullers to name a few applications, hydraulic bearing puller kits make the bearing maintenance job, easy, fast, & safe!

Innovative Design

Our hydraulic bearing pullers are designed to deliver maximum force with minimal effort, ensuring efficient and precise bearing & bushing removal.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our cooperative staff is always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our products or your purchase. Upgrade Your Bearing Removal Experience with Smart-Collet bearing pullers (MP Tools LLC)