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Having the right tools for bearing removal is critical, especially for heavy-duty applications such as commercial trucks. Smart Collet (MP Tools LLC) understands the value of dependable, high-quality tools that perform admirably. As a result, we provide a variety of heavy-duty bearing pullers, such as commercial truck bearing pullers, universal bearing pullers, bearing puller kits, and large bearing pullers.

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Uses of Heavy-Duty Bearing Pullers

Heavy-duty bearing pullers are versatile tools with numerous applications across various industries, such as automotive, construction, and manufacturing. Some common uses for heavy-duty bearing pullers include:

  • Removal of bearings from commercial trucks, tractors, and heavy machinery
  • Extraction of bearings in large electric motors and generators
  • Dismantling bearings in industrial equipment and machinery
  • These pullers are also suitable for tasks that require enhanced strength, durability, and precision, ensuring the safe and efficient removal of bearings without causing damage to surrounding components.

What's Included in a Heavy-Duty Puller Kit?

A heavy-duty puller kit typically contains various tools and accessories to facilitate bearing removal in heavy-duty applications. While the specific contents of a kit may vary by brand and model, a heavy-duty puller kit generally includes:

  • A heavy-duty bearing puller with adjustable jaws or collets for handling different bearing sizes
  • Extension rods or arms to reach bearings in confined spaces or deep recesses
  • Spacers or separators for ensuring proper alignment during the bearing removal process
  • Hydraulic or mechanical components for applying the necessary force to extract bearings
  • A storage case for organizing and protecting the tools and accessories

Is a Heavy-Duty Bearing Puller Used in Commercial Trucks?

Heavy-duty bearing pullers are designed to handle the demanding tasks of commercial trucks and other heavy-duty applications. These pullers are built with robust materials and engineered to withstand the rigors of intensive use, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

With the ability to remove even the most stubborn bearings from commercial trucks, heavy-duty bearing pullers are essential tools for professionals in the automotive and trucking industries.

How Commercial Truck Bearing Pullers Work?

A commercial truck bearing pullers are specially designed to remove bearings from the wheel hubs, transmissions, and other components of large vehicles. They work by applying force to the bearing's inner and outer races, causing the bearing to separate from its housing or surrounding parts.

Here's a brief overview of how commercial truck-bearing pullers work:

Choose the appropriate puller: Select a heavy-duty bearing puller suitable for your commercial truck's specific bearing size and type.

  • Position the puller - Attach the puller to the bearing, ensuring that the jaws or collets grip the inner and outer races securely.
  • Apply force - Use the puller's screw or hydraulic mechanism to apply force evenly, gradually increasing the pressure until the bearing is extracted from its housing.
  • Remove the bearing - Once the bearing is free from its position, carefully remove the puller and bearing.

Heavy-Duty vs. Universal Bearing Puller: What Purpose Do Both Pullers Serve?

Heavy-duty and universal bearing pullers serve different purposes, catering to specific needs within the bearing removal process. Understanding the distinctions between these two types of pullers can help you decide when to select the right tool for your requirements.

Heavy-duty bearing pullers are designed for demanding applications, such as removing large or stubborn bearings from commercial trucks, tractors, and heavy machinery. These pullers are built with robust materials and are engineered to withstand high forces, making them suitable for heavy-duty use.

Universal bearing pullers, on the other hand, are designed to accommodate a wide range of bearing sizes and types. These pullers often feature adjustable jaws or collets, allowing them to adapt to various bearing configurations. Although universal bearing pullers may not have the same level of strength as heavy-duty pullers, they provide versatility and are suitable for a broader range of applications.


How do I know if I need a heavy-duty bearing puller?

If you frequently work on commercial trucks, tractors, heavy machinery, or other applications that require the removal of large or stubborn bearings, a heavy-duty bearing puller may be the best choice for your needs. 

Can a universal bearing puller handle heavy-duty applications?

While universal bearing pullers are versatile and adaptable, they may not have the same strength and durability as heavy-duty bearing pullers. Investing in a heavy-duty puller is recommended if you regularly work on heavy-duty applications.

Smart Collet (MP Tools LLC) offers a comprehensive range of bearing pullers, including heavy-duty and universal models, to suit various applications and requirements. Browse our selection today, get the perfect bearing puller for your needs, and experience the Smart Collet difference in quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

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